heat2power thermal energy recovery system
heat2power Thermal Energy Recovery System as an fuel saving accessory on a 6-cylinder inline engine

Thermal Energy Recovery Systems for better fuel efficiency

heat2power proposes solutions for fuel economy and lower CO2-emissions on combustion engines by making use of their exhaust waste heat. This fuel economy is accessible for engines running on gasoline, diesel, biofuels, hydrogen or any other type of fuel.

heat2power proposes both solutions with high power density for mobile applications and rugged solutions for power generation and marine applications.

heat2power is also being recognized by the motorsport world as an important technology for the future in racing and road cars. heat2power has won the 2008 "Powertrain Innovation of the Year Award".

NEW : heat2power Solar Thermal Energy Conversion Systems for cheaper solar energy

heat2power starts proposing its engine as an alternative for Stirling engines, Steam engines or Organic Rankine engines in solar energy applications. Concentrated sunlight in fact creates high temperature heat sources that can be used by external heat engines. Where conventional engines in this type of applications cost about 1000-2000€ per kW heat2power has the only technology that makes use of mass produced automotive engine technology and is therefore able to propose engines in the 100-150€ per kW range. See our solar applications page for more information.