Who we are

Randolph Toom
Managing director

Randolph Toom, managing director of heat2power

Randolph Toom is a highly technology oriented entrepreneur with a 15 year experience in the automotive industry. He has always been involved in highly innovative projects. He started his carreer in the Netherlands at Vandenbrink where he worked on the Carver, a tilting threewheeler that is now in series production. Then he moved to France where he became development engineer in the field of automatic transmissions at Antonov Automotive Technologies. He developed prototype transmissions for a dozen vehicles for various OEMs and each of these transmissions has proven to save fuel substantially.
In 2000 he joined Renault to lead the automated manual transmission projects. These are now commercialized under the Quickshift name on Twingo, Clio, Trafic and Master. In 2005 he returned to Antonov as technical director where he led the development of the Dual Clutch Transmission, a 2-speed gearbox for Rotrex Superchargers and a new lightweight 6-speed transmission for the Chinese market. However soon after he started investigating engine efficiency with Frédéric Thévenod. Once the ideas of the Exhaust Thermal Energy Recovery Systems had crystallized in a new concept Randolph and Frédéric founded the heat2power company.


Frédéric Thévenod
Technical director

Frederic Thevenod, technical director of heat2power

Frenchman Frédéric Thévenod has started his career in the automotive industry as a development engineer at Antonov Automotive Technology in 1996 and later headed the development of a novel type of internal combustion engine called Antonov Engine. Then he worked in an engineering consulting company from 2000 to 2006 where he held several positions. In 2000 he used to work for Renault Sport Technologies as a safety and reliability engineer for the development of electronic throttle equipped Clio2 RS. Then he made a 1 year experience at Sagem as control system coordinator on hybrid drive technology for PSA customer. In 2002 he came back at Renault as head of engine tuning on various projects Clio2 RS Phase 3, Clio3 RS and Twingo RS. During the year 2003 he started investigating potential efficiency improvements on internal combustion engine, and came to the conclusion that the best way was to recover waste heat energy from the exhaust system. But no solution was available, too bulky, to heavy or not cost effective. His 4 year intensive engineering work led to patenting a new thermodynamic cycle and founding the Heat2power company. In 2006 he decided to join Société des Véhicules Electriques (Dassault Group) as head of electric and hybrid power train systems development. He is currently still primarily in this function while spending his spare time on driving the technical and business development of the Heat2power technology.