heat2power's partners

heat2power is not working alone on the development of its engines. For the moment heat2power has decided to work with specialized companies instead of building up its own team of competences for design, prototyping, heat exchangers and testing. Therefore heat2power remains a very small structure. At present heat2power has established relationships for these aspects of the development.

heat2power itself remains a know-how company that develops its ideas to fully simulated models, applies for patents and then coordinates the activities with its partners to develop these ideas to functional prototypes and customer projects.

heat2power also keeps the commercial relations in hand itself. However it is not excluded that commercial partnerships will be established in the near future.

heat2power has decided to maintain a lean company structure so that it can best concentrate on what it is good at : Conceptual thinking, Virtual engineering, Project planning.

Today's main partners are :

You will find short descriptions of the partnering companies below:

Solution F - Engineering

Solution F, engineering firm working for heat2power

Solution F is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high tech products for racing and production vehicles. Based in Venelles, near Aix-en-Provence, France the company counts 25 employees and was founded in 1985 by Eric Chantriaux. It has three main activities :

Recent clients are Renault Cup and Opel.

Solution F, Opel Cup Solution F, Renault Cup Solution F, Peugeot Cup Solution F, Race engine
Weblink : www.solutionf.com

ACTE - Heat Exchangers

ACTE SA, engineering of high temperature heat exchangers for heat2power

Acte is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high tech heat exchangers. It has specialized in heat exchangers for microturbines and has developped special manufacturing equipment that enables to produce in a continuous flow. It is therefor well positioned for low volume to high volume production. ACTE is based in Ans, near Liège in Belgium, it has 32 employees and was founded by Luc Prieels.

ACTE , heat exchanger machine ACTE , heat exchanger detail ACTE , heat exchanger ACTE , heat exchanger detail

EMC - Testing

EMC, testing of engines, powertrains and vehicles for heat2power

EMC is dedicated to the testing of engines, powertrains and integration thereof in vehicles for the automotive industry. EMC is based in Archères, near Paris in France, it has 40 employees and was founded by Eric Crastres. Its main business is conducted with french vehicle manufacturers Peugeot-Citroën and Renault and with german TIER1 suppliers.

EMC, Engine EMC, Engine EMC engine test bench EMC engine test bench EMC roller test bench EMC component test bench