Evaluation and Development

If you represent an automotive or truck OEM, if your company develops combustion engines, if you are in the Power Generation sector, or if you run a race team then the following steps are the kind of development programme that we would like to propose to you. The programme is oriented towards low financial and technical risk in the initial phases. This will allow you and us to work towards the right conditions for the decision for an eventual prototyping and development phase.

Step 1
Signing a confidentiality agreement. This protects both your company and ours in terms of intellectual property.

Step 2
We give a general presentation of the technology and the goals to achieve on various types of applications. We give a presentation of the team, our partner and supplier network and of how we work. We propose you to choose a base engine on which to run simulations.

Step 3
Evaluation of the heat2power concept based on simulations with state of the art engine simulation software using exhaust data (mass flow, temperature etc.) of one of your engines.

We run a first iteration of tuning our model to get either high specific power, or maximum efficiency, maximum power output or a mix of these.

Step 4
Presentation of the results, free of charge. This means : no financial risk and no technical risk so far.

Step 5
We invite you to have your simulation engineers work with us on the validation of all the parameters of our simulation model, and eventually adapt it on some points and re-iterate simulations. Here we will start charging some engineering time.

Step 6
A second phase of tuning of the simulation model, for converging to a configuration respecting your choice in terms of trade-off between efficiency and specific power and absolute power.

Presentation of results and transfer of files to you.

Step 8
You acknowledge the data and results.

If you or your company are satisfied you can then opt for several options

A - Stop evaluation without follow-up
B - Continue simulations, adding more refinement to the model
C - Decide to go forward to a demonstrator prototype

In case you wish to proceed with prototyping we will then work together on a product definition that suits your needs. We will then make a proposal for prototype and testing of an initial waste heat regeneration device.

After this prototyping and testing we will present the results. If required the prototype can be shipped to your site for further in-house testing. In principle the results are expected to launch a phase 2 development for in vehicle demonstration or even participation in racing if that is what you are looking for.

We will be happy to discuss all details of an evaluation and development programme in a face to face meeting with you.